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More theme woes

Posted by Halconnen on December 23, 2008

Well. Then one finally finds a theme that one likes, and the comments suddenly look like shit. The sidebar needs fixing too.

Sigh. This might need some rewriting.

On the positive side, I’ll finally get some more PHP practice in.

Currently, I’m also trying to set up a corner of my room for picture taking, so expect photos of figures soonish.

  1. Halconnen Said,

    Stuff needs more redesigning, but it at least seems to work. Hmm.

  2. Panther Said,

    This theme looks awfully familiar. Oh wait, it is Team Blue’s!

    Also nothing ever comes easy when setting up a new theme for the first time. Take it slowly, painstakingly look through the code. I learnt that when I first applied a new theme for the first time in WordPress and was tweaking it around. Real pain in the ass, but once done carefully and right, you will not really need to touch it again.

  3. Halconnen Said,

    Wait, woops. That wasn’t intentional, in any case. I’ve been to Team Blue’s page before, but didn’t realize I had picked the same theme… until now. o.o

    Found it on http://www.wpfreethemes.com and it’s one of the very few that I actually liked so far. There are one or two others, but they came with other issues.

    With this one, theme wise, I feel like only the comments and to some degree the sidebar widgets are in serious need of adjustments, so that’s a step up.

    Of course a proper (and not as high) banner and stuff is heavily needed as well.

    Wordpress is really a huge and annoying clutter of .php files. What is where doesn’t really seem that intuitive. At least on first look.

    I’ll take a nap for now. With some luck, I’ll have the time to try messing with the comment form some later today. If not, I’ll be attending family and Christmas related thingamabobs.

  4. Panther Said,

    Haha not insinuating you copied off us, I just used the theme most people voted for back then. Contemplating a change soon though. This is a pretty good theme to use if you are not into using too much stuff for the sidebar.

  5. Halconnen Said,

    Don’t want to stuff much in there. Want to add a poll slot. Otherwise dunno.

    What I really want to fix are the comments. Well. And the screwy formatting in the sidebar.

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