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Posted by Halconnen on January 3, 2009

These are some pictures I took on the 25th of December, when I was out with my family for our annual christmas restaurant binge-eating. Or something.

Ran across a Mercedes Benz prototype on our way to the restaurant.

Took these photos with my cellphone camera, so I apologize for the quality.

Very obviously one of those masked prototypes you see around at times. I’m surprised that this one was parked in plain vision on a street in the middle of a residential area. At least the dashboard was covered under a blanket.

I’m not into cars, but I figured one or two people might consider this as very interesting.

  1. Blowfish Said,

    So you managed to snap some pictures of an Erlkönig?
    Im suprised aswell that it was parked in a residential area.

  2. Halconnen Said,

    Indeed. I think it could be the new CLK, too.

    Too small for an E-Class and looks like it has too much power under the hood for a C-Class.

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