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Figures, and Figma vs. Shinki

Posted by Halconnen on January 8, 2009

I promised pictures of a) the other two figmas I bought and b) the figures that I already own.

I’ll also do some comparisons between the joints and bodies of the figmas vs. the MMS-body of the Shinkis.

Well, here we go. Captions below the pics. Click the pictures for larger versions. :3


Here we have my Nagato Yukis, plus the figures you saw the other day. Looks like Konata fell over.


I’ll start with my new figma Nagato. The first thing I noticed with her is that she’s much easier to balance than Miku. I didn’t use any tricks to make her keep her balance here, just used some patience.


Izumi kick! Interesting side-effect of Konata’s hair is that it functions as impromptu-stand on pictures like this.


Same, but done with a ‘little’ more patience than the previous pictures.

Nendoroid Yuki is ‘top-heavy’, so she constantly keeps rolling off of her chair, sadly. Will probably put her back on her stand pretty soon.


From the left to the right, we have: Konami Nagato Yuki, Max Factory Figma Nagato Yuki, Max Factory Nagato Yuki, Nedoroid Nagato Yuki and Freeing Nagato Yuki Bunnygirl ver.




Nice gimmick on Strarf’s armored legs: The feet are ball-jointed, which makes balancing her without stand easier than it seems at first.


I’m surprised how easy it is to balance Starf. You pretty much just pose her and she just stands that way. Even when tip-toeing with one foot.



Shown in these two pictures is what gives Shinki bodies the freedom of movement of their legs. The thighs can pop forward, which allows the legs to be raised a lot higher.


High-kick! I know I promised pictures of Shinki kissing their feet in this post, but this is as close as it gets.


Incidentally, the above picture is the only one where I had to cheat and make Strarf use the box behind her as support.


Izumi-kick! Konata really looks like she enjoys that. Masochist.


As you may know, the shoes of the Nagato figma are attached like this.


This gives her feet quite some wiggle-room, which is what made balancing her on one foot so simple.


While Shinki-feet are attached the same way…


…twisting them looks very odd. Plus the ‘joint’ offers very little resistance when the foot is not in the proper position. That and…


…the fact that her feet are shaped naturally (as in, the bottoms are rounded), are the reasons why you pretty much can’t balance Strarf on one foot. At least, without using some support.


Pretty much my favourite part of the MMS body is…


…the torso joint, which the figmas lack completely.



Even though it looks like that joint doesn’t have too much flexibility, it makes posing and balancing the figure a ton easier.


One situation where the MSS-body loses to the figmas is doing the splits.


Vocaloid kick!

Posing Miku like this without stand is neigh-impossible. Her skirt is much stiffer than Yuki’s, so her thighs keep moving back together. Makes her topple almost instantly without the stand. And the huge hair is a nightmare. The joints are a nice touch, though. The Konata figma really could use some hair joints.


While we’re on the topic of Konata. Her front hair sits very loose. It probably popped off 1-3 times for each of the pictures containing her. Problem, if I’d glue it down, I could no longer change her face. Any ideas?


Konata and Yuki sure aren’t using the same scale. They’re almost the same size. Notice how Konata has Lucky-Star-ey ‘chubby’ hands.

That’s it for now. My Flickr gallery has a few pictures that I didn’t use on this post. If anyone wants more pictures of the figures at other angles or whatever, please say so, I’ll try to fill requests. :3

  1. Blowfish Said,

    My superior detective skills tell me that you like Yuki alot.Boy am I good!
    Id like to see some more Shinki action when Asuka arrives.

    One of the reasons why Shinkis are that much more moveable is that they dont have to try to hide the koints since they are supposed to be robots/puppets/dolls/whatever.I hope to pick up a Shinki soon aswell

  2. Halconnen Said,

    Considering I still consider the joints on the figmas as blatantly obvious… well. It’s always a nightmare to hide the joints on figures like this. They’re too small to have the Dollfie-advantage of wearing actual clothes.

    I also like Saber a lot, but I didn’t show pictures of those, yet. :3

  3. Persocom Said,

    Nice comparison post. I’ve never owned a Shinki yet but they are interesting indeed. For Konata’s hair I would suggest blue tac, though I don’t even have any for mine yet, that’s what I’ve heard of some people using.

  4. Halconnen Said,

    Thank you for the tip. I would’ve thanked you earlier today when I approved the comment, but sadly had to run.

    And indeed, the Shinkis are nice. I’m getting my Asuka Shinki from the toll office on monday. More pictures then. <.<

  5. figolina Said,

    nice figures you got there :3 yuki is obviously an obsession XD I’ve noticed some problems with both miku and konata. there’s no helping miku (and the whole skirt – hair – balance thing doesn’t really bother me so much seeing as she’s my favorite :3). my konata has the same problem, the hair kept falling since day 1. one of her faces falls more often than the other, so to solve both problems I use a tiny piece of paper between her hair and her head. keeps everything in place and is hardly noticeable. it still falls sometimes, just not as often.

    seeing as you’re such a big fan of yuki, are you perhaps thinking of buying the new figma? XD I was curious to see if it’s been improved in any way (that and the fact that I’d really like to see that cat of hers XD)

  6. otaku101 Said,

    anyway, on my opinion i think you should double-side tape the hair down so it doesn’t keep falling off and you can still change the face. your welcome.

  7. Halconnen Said,

    figolina: One Nagato Figma is plenty. I don’t have -that- much money to blow on figures, sadly. I tried the paperstrip idea with little success. Where exactly do you place it?

    otaku101: Double-sided tape is a good idea. I wonder why I didn’t think of that on my own. Sigh.

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