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Messing with the page

Posted by Halconnen on January 5, 2009

Well. Started to mess with the theme a little, as a few things bother me. Making slow-ish progress.

(Can you spot the differences?)

While I do this, the blog might stop working when I make a typo somewhere. If that happens, I apologize for the outage. I’ll likely already have noticed and be trying to fix it. <.<

EDIT: The comment form got a serious upgrade. If anyone remembers how the previous one looked like, I’d love to hear feedback. Included pictures for comparison after the fold.

EDIT 2: Added a placeholder favicon (better than nothing).

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Clicking -should- open the large version but doesn’t. Damn this Flickr Plugin.

  1. Blowfish Said,

    Test Test Eins Zwei Eins Zwei
    Lets see if you and Tami messed this up

  2. Halconnen Said,

    We did not. D:

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