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Gothloli Louise!

Posted by Halconnen on June 2, 2009

Look at what the mailman brought me today.




I apologize for the posting delays, and for the shitty photo quality. For some reason the charger of my camera vanished. Somewhere. I can’t find it. Hence limited to ridiculously shitty cellphone camera.

I’ll unpack the Louise and do a proper review after I find it.

On an unrelated note, I came across this gem in the manga section(!) of a bookstore a few days ago.


I’m scared.

(And yes. Because I was just asked about that. That’s the book to the movie. The book. To Dragonball Evolution. In the manga corner. My brain is bleeding.)

  1. Blowfish Said,

    Its an interpretation of an interpretation?Man! Lets see it this way:Cant be much worser than the movie eh?

  2. Halconnen Said,

    I have no idea. I don’t even want to know. xD

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