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Bakemonogatari 09

Posted by Halconnen on September 7, 2009


Bakemonogatari 09 2

Bakemonogatari 09

Am I the only one who almost died? At this scene, I mean. :3

An internet meme parody, in ‘MY’ anime? I roffled~

Also, Kanbaru is made of absolute win here.

Edit: Kept spoiler-free, otherwise I’d have made another 4koma. Also looks like Sankaku already beat me to it. Shoulda expected that.

I wonder how many 2channers SHAFT employs.

Edit 2:

Bakemonogatari 09 3

Longcat is long…

  1. Xak Said,

    Lol it’s SHAFT…u should have expected it, not be surprised at it :P

  2. Halconnen Said,

    True enough.

  3. Blowfish Said,

    Shaft is up to so much silly stuff…I remember 2Chans Digital TV Broadcast MAscot thats based on Pedobear in one of the recent episodes…
    <3 SHaft

  4. Halconnen Said,

    <3 SHAFT indeed. <3

  5. Halconnen Said,

    I only just noticed this, but anyone else notice that Kanbaru’s bandage is gone in the upper picture?

    Woops. I guess that’s one to be fixed for the DVD release. :p

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